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8 Week Prayer Powered Mastermind Group
1st MARCH 2021

Led by Samantha, a trained and licensed facilitator, your group will use the book, The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur: 31 Days to Building your Business with Less Stress and More Joy as a guide, but the group is more than just a book study or prayer group.

Join other Christ-centered leaders and entrepreneurs flourish by prayerfully aligning their lives and business with God.

Here are some of the BENEFITS you can expect

How does the MASTERMIND Group work?

In this highly personalized Mastermind group, you will gather on zoom once a week on Thursdays 6:00pm - 7:00pm EAT with other Christ-centered leaders and entrepreneurs.

When is the NEXT group and what does it cost?

  • Start a foundational & transformational practice of operating with God as your ultimate CEO
  • Tap into God’s vision for you, your business, and the impact He’s designed for you to have in the world
  • Reignite your passion and motivation for this adventure of a lifetime
  • Reset your personal and business compass weekly
  • Enjoy the community and companionship of like-minded, Christ-centered entrepreneurs
  • Experience the power of God doing for your business what only He can do

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Together you’ll tap into God’s vision for each of these 5 key areas of your business:

  • YOU the entrepreneur
  • your relationship with GOD
  • Your relationship with OTHERS
  • Your relationship with your BUSINESS
  • the IMPACT YOUR BUSINESS has in the world

and develop an enjoyable and effective prayer practice that fits into the flow of your life and business.

Next group BEGINS on 1st MARCH 2021 and costs KSH 10,000 ONLY.

JOIN the 8 WEEK Prayer Powered Mastermind Group

YOU are a vital part of God’s plan, but for your business to truly soar it will need to be both Successful and Prayerful.
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